Simple answer: It sounds cool.

Complete answer: I am a nontheist who spends much of my time and money helping retired racing Greyhounds find homes. Since Greytheist sounds like atheist, it combines these two things nicely.

I actually prefer the term nontheist to atheist, because atheist seems to have some negative connotations – such as “Atheists are immoral, godless heathens.” We’re not. Okay, I am godless – with an exception made for His Divine Noodliness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (and maybe Joss). But I’ve got an abundance of morals – not because I’m scared of some Sky Bully, but because I think being moral is the right thing to do. Besides, being nice makes me feel good ‘cos, ya know, it’s the way we social animals called humans are wired.

Besides, atheist.wordpress.com and nontheist.wordpress.com were already taken when I signed up for this blog.


Simple answer: No.

Complete answer: No, however I am owned by several retired racing Greyhounds; I started a non-profit corporation, Greyhounds of Fairhaven, to help raise money for Greyhound adoption and raise awareness about the retired dogs’ need for homes; and I think Greyhounds are greyt (great, get it?), especially for anyone interested in sharing their lives with one of the world’s laziest animals. They’re not called 45 MPH couch potatoes for nothing!

Of course, if you came to my house and saw all of the Greyhound paraphernalia gracing most vertical and horizontal surfaces – and the multiple live ones littering the floor like breathing throw rugs – you’d probably think I do worship them. You might even mistake my home for a Greyhound temple.

It’s not worship; it’s devotion.

WHAT’S “Joss”?

Simple answer: Joss Whedon.

Complete answer: Not “what” – “who.” Joss Whedon is creator and head writer of my all-time favorite television programs Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. He also wrote and directed the movie Serenity, which was based on Firefly. In 2008, he helped create and write the Internet musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which he directed as well.

If you were to ask if I worship Joss, well…

WILL ALL OF THE POSTS BE ABOUT “Greyhounds, Nontheism, Science, Skepticism, and Joss”?

Simple answer: Who knows?

Complete answer: While those are my main areas of interest, they certainly aren’t all of them, so there’s no telling what else I might write about.

Basically, this blog is a place for me to write about any thoughts, insights, interesting finds, pet peeves, day-to-day events, life-changing events, or whatever else I feel like writing about at the time. Even if no one ever reads it, at least I’ve written it…whatever that means.