A few links on some of my favorite subjects.


The Greyhound Project, Inc. is a volunteer, non-profit organization providing information about and promoting the adoption of retired racing Greyhounds.

Greyhound Pets of America is a non-profit national retired racer adoption group with chapters in many states.

National Greyhound Adoption Program helps find loving, adoptive homes for former racing Greyhounds.

Greyhounds of Fairhaven is a non-profit group founded by me to promote the adoption of retired racing Greyhounds.


The Brights Network promotes the civic understanding and acknowledgment of the naturalistic worldview, which is free of supernatural and mystical elements.

Council for Secular Humanism is a not-for-profit educational association that supports a wide range of activities to meet the needs of people who find meaning and value in life without looking to a god.

Secular Coalition for America is the national lobby representing the interests of atheists, humanists, agnostics, freethinkers and other nontheistic Americans.

Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. promotes the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and educates the public on matters relating to nontheism.

Talk Rational is a freethought forum covering topics such as Secular Issues and Religions, among others.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a response to the Intelligent Design movement, a defense of science, a satirical religion meant to combat religious fundamentalism run amok.

de-conversion provides resources for skeptical, de-converting or former Christians.

Disbeliefnet proves you won’t believe what people believe.

God is Imaginary uses 50 simple proofs to prove that, well, God is imaginary.

Why Won’t God Heal Amputees? asks the most important question we can ask about God.


Center for Inquiry is a global federation committed to science, reason, free inquiry, secularism, and planetary ethics.

Point of Inquiry is the premiere podcast of the Center for Inquiry, drawing on CFI’s relationship with the leading minds of the day. is the official website for Richard Dawkins, a British ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and popular science writer.

Talk Rational is a freethought forum covering topics such as Evolution and Origins and Science/Skepticism, among others.

Science Friday is a weekly science talk show, broadcast live over public radio stations, that focuses on science topics that are in the news.


Skeptoid is a weekly podcast dedicated to furthering knowledge by blasting away the widespread pseudosciences that infect popular culture.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe is a weekly podcast talkshow discussing the latest news and topics from the world of the paranormal, fringe science, and controversial claims from a scientific point of view.

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view and disseminates factual information about the results of such inquiries to the scientific community and the public.

Talk Rational is a freethought forum covering topics such as Science/Skepticism, among others.


Whedonesque is a community weblog discussing the work of Joss Whedon. is a fansite that covers Firefly and Serenity, as well as other Joss-related topics.

Dr. is the home of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Joss’s brilliant (IMHO) Internet musical.