Honda: Pool and Play

Having lived with Honda for a few days, I’ve decided that her right ear tattoo is a clever forgery. For those not familiar with greyhound tattoos, the right ear contains the dog’s birth month and year (the left ear has the litter number). Honda’s right ear plainly reads 64F, indicating she was born in June (6) of 2004 (4) (the “F” simply means she was the sixth puppy in her litter to be tattooed), but there is NO WAY she is six years old. She neither looks nor acts six. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s two, possibly three, tops. Clearly she switched ears with a much older greyhound or paid someone to alter her tattoo.

Monday evening, I went for a swim. As usual, Captain Jack got on the pool’s top step to get some attention from me.

Captain Jack: "Hi, Mom. Pet me!"

Not one to miss out on a chance for attention, Honda decided she would get in the pool too. After some trial and error, she figured out the boundaries of the top step. She got rather wet in the process, but never actually fell all the way in (just most of the way). Instead of freaking out about the wetness like she did during her first encounter with the pool, she decided this time that it was FUN.

Honda play-bowing in the pool

Having gotten good and wet, Honda then got the typical wet-greyhound ZOOMIES and went charging around the lawn. (Please excuse the blurriness of some of the photos; it was evening, and there wasn’t enough light to get good, clear action pics.)


Captain Jack takes up the chase

Honda spins to meet him

The face off

Jack barks, "Race ya round the yard!"

Honda accepts

She dashes to the west end of the lawn

Then turns and heads east

Then west again

Then east

The final lap

Honda and Jack cool off in the pool

Honda kisses

Back on the lawn, Jack tries to get Honda to play again

To no avail

Tired from her run, Honda demonstrates her newfound ability to use the dog door without help

The End

3 Responses to “Honda: Pool and Play”

  1. I really think you need to take her back…..she’s not fitting in at all!!!! LOL
    Man she is pretty.

  2. Awwww. Greyt to see her having such fun with her new family. Jack must be in pirate-heaven to have such a good playmate.

  3. greytngroovy Says:

    Hi, I just discovered your blog and I like it a lot. Can’t wait to read through all your stories! xxx

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