Meet Honda

During the first week of June, we lost our two senior greyhounds, Cooper and Peaches. They were both over 13 years old, so it wasn’t unexpected, but it left us with only two dogs: BJ and Captain Jack Sparrow. We hadn’t had so few greyhounds for fifteen years, and the house felt awfully empty.


Captain Jack

We knew we would get another greyhound eventually, but we didn’t plan on doing so until later in the year. Still, I checked the local greyhound group websites for a dog that might fit with BJ and Jack, just in case the perfect dog was waiting for us. In addition, I maintain the websites for several greyhound adoption groups around the country, so I paid attention to their available dogs as well. All of the groups have encouraged me to adopt from them if they ever have a dog we want. Although I’ve found homes for some of their dogs with friends of mine, we’ve never personally adopted from any of the groups.

And then I got a foster write-up to post for one of the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas dogs: Honda. The write-up sounded almost like the perfect dog for us. The only thing that gave me pause was the statement, “She was a little shy at first…” Since we do a lot of public appearances with our dogs through Greyhounds of Fairhaven, a shy dog wouldn’t work for us. GALT arranged for Honda to attend a Meet & Greet to see how she did in public. She did great with everyone: adults, children, and small animals, and I got a chance to talk to her foster mom.

After that, I knew Honda was the dog for us. And so, on Saturday, July 3, we officially adopted Condo Not Hondo, a six-year-old fawn girl now known as Honda. We quickly added a few more names for her: Fawnda, Hondog, and Fawndog.

Honda (photo from her GALT bio page)

However, Honda was in Dallas, Texas, and we’re in Scottsdale, Arizona. Fortunately, arranging transportation didn’t take long. On Wednesday, July 7, Honda got a ride from Dallas to Amarillo.

Honda on the road from Dallas to Amarillo

In Amarillo, she got the chance to stretch her legs:

She also got to meet and run with Libby the staghound:

And they're off!

After spending Wednesday night in Amarillo, Honda got a ride to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Resting in the Albuquerque hotel room after the ride from Amarillo

About an hour after Honda arrived in Albuquerque, I arrived from Scottsdale with BJ and Captain Jack, and Honda got to meet her new pack.

Our first in-person view of Honda as she emerges from the hotel with her personal chauffeurs

First sniffs: Captain Jack, Honda, and BJ

The new pack: Spotted (Jack), Solid (Honda), and Striped (BJ)


More sniffs

Smiles all around


Honda relaxing in our hotel room in Albuquerque

BJ joins Honda on the bed

On Friday, we drove back to Scottsdale, and Honda got to explore her new home and meet Ashley, our 21-year-old cat.  Honda was declared cat safe by GALT, and she definitely is; she’ll barely even look at Ashley. She also got introduced to lots of new stuff:

  • screaming monkey toys (they’re fun, but their screams are a little startling)
  • swimming pool (way too wet)
  • stairs (the first flight is definitely easier than the second)
  • dog door (those flaps are kind of confusing)

Honda at the top of the stairs. Ta-da!

The dog door: Jack shows how it's done

Honda tries it for herself (with a little help from me holding the flaps open from the inside)

First the front end goes through...

...then the back end

Honda relaxing in the family room

Honda: "Aren't I adorable?"

On Saturday, Honda got her first taste of her new diet: raw food.

Honda checks out a piece of beef heart...

...then gives some chicken breast a sniff

She decides on the chicken


She took the chicken breast to one of the outside dog beds for some serious chomping


Searching for any leftover tidbits

Apparently riding in the van for eight hours on Friday was especially tiring, because the whole pack spent most of Saturday crashed around the house – even lazier than usual.

BJ: "Riding is sooooo exhausting."

Captain Jack: "Go away. I'm trying to sleep."

Honda: "Maybe I'll gnaw my rawhide later. For now...snore."

Relaxing on the lawn after dinner Saturday evening

Jack and Honda on opposite sides of the sliding glass door

One of the main reasons we adopted Honda was so Jack (who is very playful) would have someone to play with. Saturday evening, Jack went upstairs into the master bedroom and did his usual destructo-job on the bed. Honda joined him for some playtime, but we were only able to get this one picture:

Jack and Honda - Let's play!

I’m sure we’ll get some pics of them playing soon. When we do, I’ll post them.

4 Responses to “Meet Honda”

  1. Honda, it is truly wonderful to make your acquaintance. Welcome home! :)

  2. She is so pretty and it looks like she is fitting in just fine!!!! Now it’s time for number 4!!!

    • The Greytheist Says:

      Number 4? No, I don’t think so. We’ve been trying to get to three for a loooong time. I believe we’ll stay here for a while…or at least try to. ;)

  3. I know you!!!! You better try REAL hard.

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