Homeopathy Awareness Week

The British Homeopathic Association says that June 14-21 is Homeopathy Awareness Week, during which they “encourage people to raise awareness about homeopathy.” So I’m going to do my part.

Here is the truth about homeopathy, stolen directly from a quote by Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer from an episode of the Skepticality podcast:

The only thing homeopathy cures is thirst.

That’s right, all of those so-called homeopathic “medicines” contain only water (or sugar pills if you get them in pill form).

Professor of complementary and alternative medicine, Edzard Ernst, reviewed the homeopathic literature and concluded that homeopathic remedies “contain no biologically active agents and are no more effective than sugar pills.”

The above quote is from Dr. Steven Novella’s NeuroLogica Blog. Read it for a wonderful description of the history of the silly psueodscience of homeopathy. And then, if you’re not feeling good, get yourself some real medicine.

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