Hooray for Iowa!

Today, 3 April 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously rejected a state law that banned same-sex marriage. Yes – Iowa. Good for them!

Of course, a bunch of (religious) opponents have already started calling for a state constitutional amendment that defines “marriage” as the union of one man and one woman. The earliest the issue could get on a ballot will be 2012. Sadly, I doubt that will be enough time to convince the Christers to keep the heck out of other people’s lives, families, and bedrooms.

How does the marriage of two consenting adults who love each other affect these Christers anyway? Maybe it bothers them because their holey book says it’s bad (i.e., “an abomination to God”). However, their holey book also says women wearing men’s clothing is an “abomination unto the Lord” – and I don’t see them trying to get an amendment passed that tells people how they can dress. Is that next?

This is the sort of thing that makes me cheer on the militant atheists who actively speak out against religion. In general, I think that if you want to be religious, that’s fine. Worship who you want, how you want, as long as it doesn’t bother other people. But when the religious types start trying to push their beliefs on everyone by getting laws passed, that’s where I draw the line and just have to speak up.

As far as gay marriage is concerned, I think Greg Laden said it best:

“Allowing and even encouraging gay marriage is not the first step towards the decline of civilization. It is one of the last steps in the formulation of civilization.” — Greg Laden

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