Origins Symposium

I’m psyched! On Monday, April 6, I will be attending the Origins Symposium at Arizona State University (ASU). Tickets went on sale at 10am Friday  (March 6). I was ready and waiting, and managed to snag tickets in the 15th row!

The Symposium will inaugurate the new Origins Initiative at ASU, a University-wide initiative to focus on questions such as:

  • How did the Universe begin?
  • How did life arise?
  • How does life evolve?
  • What is the origin of human uniqueness?
  • What is the origin of disease?
  • How does consciousness arise?
  • How do human institutions arise and develop?
  • What will be the technologies of the future?

The Symposium runs from 9am to late at night, and features some of the most well-known scientific public intellectuals in the world, including:

Some people’s heroes are movie stars, others have rock stars as heroes. Mine are the scientists and authors listed above.

The Symposium is my idea of a rock concert. I can’t wait…

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